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Amway China


Big Cost Savings for Amway China


Amway launched in 1959 with a Liquid Organic Cleaner. It was the first concentrated, bio-degradable, and environmentally friendly cleaning product. Since then, Amway has expanded from home products to a global leader in the categories of health and beauty and is one of the world's largest direct selling businesses.

China is one of Amway's largest markets and they were in need of a library of lifestyle photographs that encompassed all their product categories to be used in their advertising and marketing materials specific to the Chinese market . They also wanted to capture images that showed how operating your own Amway business can enhance your lifestyle by allowing you to work from home.


The client was planning a location shoot in China and collectively with Rocket Science (their agency), we proposed a concept that would result in major cost savings and yield the same visual payoff. The shoot took place in Los Angeles, rather than China, over six days, with four different locations, and a cast and crew of only 40 people. This solution resulted in a significant cost savings for Amway as well as a major save in production time.


Amway walked away with 150 final retouched lifestyle images and several thousand additional images that could be used for all marketing and sales purposes. Because we shot in L.A., the cost savings was 25% less than had we gone to China and also cut the pre-production days by over two weeks allowing us to shoot sooner and deliver images faster.

An image showcasing face cream from the Amway Artistry beauty product line.

An image illustrating that you can have more family time when you are an independent business owner.

An image illustrating that you can have more supplemental income to spend on shopping when operating your own Amway business.

An Artistry makeup demo.



6-day photo shoot

4 locations

40 members of the cast and crew

150 retouched images

25% savings


Our home base production area in downtown Los Angeles thanks to EDGE rental complete with RV and Grip truck.

Shooting on the streets of downtown Los Angeles across a 20 block radius permitted to us by the film commission of LA.

No spot is ever too tight to get the right shot.

Having two very talented hair and makeup stylists on set was key to efficiency.

Putting some diffusion over the skylight to create soft ambient light.


That’s a wrap!!

“I’ve had the privilege to work with Jeremy on multiple lifestyle photo shoots over the past couple years. He pushed us creatively and brought fresh ideas to the table, which in the end provided us with imagery that far exceeded our expectations and will be able to use for years to come!”
— Amway

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