Case Study

Durst Organization - One World Trade Center


Creating Three Image Libraries


When the Durst Organization won the contract for rebuilding The World Trade Center, one of the most iconic landmarks in the world, I was honored and humbled to be asked to photograph it for them. The Durst Organization needed a library of images scaling from behind-the-scenes of the construction of the building to hero photos of One World Trade Center “OWTC” from Manhattan neighborhoods. The photos were necessary to market Lower Manhattan as a vibrant, urban neighborhood where people live, shop and eat to attract businesses to lease office space in OWTC.


There was a multitude of shoots over the course of two years. During the initial stages of construction, we took vistas shots from varying floors of the building so that potential tenants could see the view they would have. These images were taken from the ground floor all the way to the 103rd floor prior to any windows being installed. Once the building’s facade was finished we photographed architectural and neighborhood images. Since then I continue to revisit the building for a variety of photography and video needs.


At the end of two years, we had developed three image libraries focusing on different shots needed to market OWTC. The first image library included over 100 views of Manhattan shot from various floors of OWTC, the second image library included architectural interior and exterior shots of the building, and the third library contained lifestyle images and hero shots of One World Trade Center from various neighborhoods around Manhattan.

One World Trade Center from Tribeca.



1,368 feet in the air (417 m)

15 site Visits over 2 years

14 Neighborhoods

250 final Images

I just wanted to say thank you! Some of the photos you took are literally worth a million bucks... thank you for all the care you put into every shoot.
— The Durst Organization

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