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A video of images from the Microsoft - Steelcase Creative Spaces campaign

Creative Spaces - London, New York, & Chicago


Steelcase is the largest manufacturer of office furniture in the world. The first campaign we tackled together was for the Think chair over 15 years ago. To this date, it still remains one of their most successful product launches in many years. Since then, they have relied on me for the majority of their advertising and major product launches because of my ability to photograph their products and people interacting with their environments in an authentic manner.

Steelcase’s forward thinking is what has kept them a market leader for many years, and they had the foresight to partner with Microsoft to develop the “Creative Spaces” campaign in order to capitalize on the trend of workplace environments shifting toward more creative atmospheres. They needed photographs that captured this new look and feel for the brand and would cement them as a go-to source for businesses that are developing these types of environments for their own employees.


Steelcase envisioned a shoot that took place in office environments that appear to encourage creativity by way of it’s inspiring and stimulating interiors and use of Microsoft technology. To do this we shot their creative workspaces in London, Chicago, and New York, and featured models who interacted with each other while engaging in work on Microsoft Surface tablets, Surface Studio 2, and Surface Hub’s in a variety of Steelcase creative work environments.


The shoot took place over 15 days in three major cities with a cast and crew of 60 people. Over 100 final images were created for print, social media, advertising, and a big PR announcement of their partnership with Microsoft.

Recreating daylight with one of my favorite lights, the 2.5K HMI Fresnel.

A couple working on the Microsoft Surface Studio 2 in the Steelcase Duo Studio.

The Surface Hub has a large enough screen for group work.

A beautiful Steelcase + Microsoft creative space in New York City.

A top down shot of an interior designers studio.

Chicago offering up an amazing location to shoot in.

Working on the amazingly brilliant and sharp Microsoft Surface Studio 2.



3 Cities

15 Days

2 Continents

30 Set Ups

60 Cast And crew

10 Airline Meals


On location in London directing talent in our first set up.

Using the soft light from the Microsoft Surface Hub to capture some beautiful portraits.

Tighten your core Jeremy.

A custom built creative space in London made for the shoot.

Some of the talented NYC crew.

Top down perspectives are some of my favorites.

Shooting wide open for some shallow depth.

Group work around a Surface tablet in London.

Individual work on the Microsoft Surface Hub.

Cool graphics incorporated into this creative space.

Concentrating on work inside of the creative space.

Burning the midnight oil.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Jeremy countless times over the past eight years. I value our relationship, the ease of communication, and his creative thinking. He always brings fresh new ideas and solutions to our projects, which makes the work stronger and our projects more successful.
— Steelcase

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